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Consultant to support SBC's gender mainstreaming

Posted: 13 July 2023. Deadline for submission: 14 August 2023

Gender  Mainstreaming Consultant
Terms of Reference

The Swedish Burma Committee (SBC) supports local organisations that promote human rights and democracy in Burma through a Sida-funded programme that has been running since 2010. The new programme phase began in March 2023.

SBC is committed to incorporating gender equality into our programme and are looking for an external consultant to support gender integration.

SBC is looking for a consultant to support SBC and our partner organisations’ ability to integrate gender into their organisations and programmes. 

Key responsibilities include:

1. Conduct so-called gender audits to determine the needs of each partner organisation. The audits should take into account the following parameters:

    • Organisational level:
      1. Representation of men and women within the organisation
      2. Equal opportunities for men and women 
      3. Are relevant policies, e.g. relating to sexual harassment and discrimination in place? 
    • Programme level:
      1. Is gender integrated into the planning, implementation and follow-up, and reporting of partner programmes?
      2. Does the organisation have an objective to improve gender equality within their area of work?

As this is a Sida-financed programme, the assignment should be carried out in line with Sida’s approach to gender equality.

2. Develop individual action plans for each partner based on the gender audits. Action plans should be developed in collaboration with respective partner organisation.

3. Provide limited support to some of the partners in implementing their action plans in the form of workshops or consultative meetings. The needs will likely differ between partners.

Time frame and deliverables 
The assignment will be implemented from September 1 2023 to March 31 2024. The expected number of work days is around 28. 

1 September – 31 December 2023

  • Conduct gender audits of approximately 8 partners and write up a tailored action plan for each partner  (approximately 16 working days) 

1 January – 31 May 2024

  • Support partners that request assistance in the implementation of their gender  action plans. This is limited to an average of about 1 day per partner. As examples, this work could include training, advice as to how to integrate gender in programming or assistance in developing policies. 

The consultant will be responsible for designing training materials in consultation with SBC. 

Requirements of the consultant
Required qualifications of the consultant:

  • Documented relevant competence and experience of gender mainstreaming  in development cooperation 
  • Experience of supporting CSOs with their gender mainstreaming work 
  • Documented knowledge and experience of the Burma context, including the role of civil society.

Desired qualifications of the evaluator(s):

  • Knowledge of Burmese and/or other relevant local languages.

Required information
If interested in this assignment, please submit the CV of the proposed consultant(s) and a budget specifying the consultant’s rate. Fees shall be specified as fees per hour or day and specify VAT. Deadline for submission is 14 August 2023. 

If interested, please direct any questions or email CV to Liz Tydeman at

Terms of Reference as PDF (link)